Review Policy & Requests

review policy & requests

Looking for a review request? You can come to the right place! Please be sure to read ALL the information before sending me a request as I am quite picky with the books I read and need to know some information about them before I agree to review.

John Doe

I am currently accepting a small amount of requests. Feel free to send me a request via the contact form below. If you do not hear back from me, that means I am not currently accepting the request. I will however add it to my requests folder and come back to you when I have some more time. At this time, I have a ton of books I would like to read and will only accept if the book fits my current mood (which changes quite often). 

This blog is run by me (alone) so I simply cannot accept every request I get. This is not a reflection of the author requesting or his/her work, just the amount of time I currently have to read. Please also not that if I do accept your request I cannot do so on a time frame. Also, I am not required to review a book that I accept. 


I am currently accepting paperback books to be shared with my readers on social media (like Instagram). Many people are using this as their primary source of information about books and I am following the trend! If you would like to send a print copy of your novel my way, please use the contact form below. I am happy to accommodate!


If you would like me to host a giveaway on my blog and/or social media for a print copy of your novel I would be happy to. You would be responsible for sending the winner their copy. I am just an extra helping to reach more people. These giveaways can be both US only and international- it’s up to you!

Books I Will Read

I read a lot of different genres including romance, chick lit, cozy mysteries, horror, thriller, mystery, suspense, and even true crime! While most of the books I read here are romance, you will see a slew of the other genres here and there. Please note, I WILL NOT read memoirs, fantasy novels, or children’s books. I want to be fair in my reviews and know that these are genres I just don’t enjoy (which would result in low ratings).