Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

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A complete standalone from bestselling (and favorite) author, Colleen Hoover!

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WOW! This book went beyond my expectations and blew me away! It’s very different from Colleen’s usual romances and fits more in the women’s fiction category and domestic drama category than anything else! Now, even if you don’t normally read either of these genres I still recommend this book! It’s heartbreaking, raw, and real! That being said, here is my full book review!

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover is much different than the authors previous books. I honestly thought this one would be another romance, but it isn’t. It’s a women’s fiction novel about a mother and daughter who must come together after tragedy strikes their lives. Told in Hoover’s prose, this is a poignant, unforgettable read that will teach you valuable lessons about forgiveness and healing. It’s also bound to bring tears to your eyes.

One thing that stand out most to me when it comes to Colleen’s novels is that she has this special touch where she puts seemingly inconsequential pieces into a story that are actually very powerful. You may not realize it at first but when you think back you can see it. For example, Miller asking Clara to prom and the little things he does throughout the story that really leads up to it (I CRIED). These pieces are just so powerful and can be found throughout all her novels which is why I am always reading her releases.

All in all, I love how Colleen can write in a myriad of genres and slay every book. It’s nice to have an author that you can go to for all your reading needs and this is exactly what you get with Colleen Hoover. This one in particular is told in dual point of views between Clara (the daughter) and Morgan (her mother) as they navigate a new way of life when someone they love passes away tragically. Secrets unfold, drama ensues, and the two must really learn to live in their new reality with a lot more on their plate than just the tragedy. It’s a sad book but one that also heals. It’s not a book that will make you cry the whole way though, but one that will make you feel for the characters. I loved this book!

Rating: 5 stars
Series: None. Complete standalone!

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