Twelve Slays of Christmas by Jacqueline Frost

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If you are a fan of amateur sleuths, Christmas and the festive holiday season, and cozy mysteries, then you will wan this book!

If you follow my blog you’ll see that I adore cozy mysteries. I don’t read them all the time because I tend to focus on mostly romances, but that will change in 2020. I really want to explore more genres (especially those that I have always loved but let fall to the wayside) and read a bigger variety. Hence, the cozt mystery I am reviewing right here! It’s so good!

Twelve Slays of Christmas is a festive who-dun-it ! I thoroughly enjoyed this one and look forward to many more books in the series. Who doesn’t adore a Christmas themed novel? Especially when it takes place in such a magical place like Mistletoe, Maine! The setting truly felt real to me as the author did a wonderful job at describing just how homely this place is. The characters are what really make the book though and I loved Holly, her family, Cookie, and the dreamy Sheriff who will hopefully be striking up a romance with Holly. These two had electricity at their first meeting and while the book ISN’T a romance it’s nice to watch these sweethearts fall for each other.

That being said, Twelve Slays of Christmas is the perfect start to the Christmas Tree Farm mystery series and I am crossing my fingers that Jacqueline Frost will write many more books in the series. As of now there are only two. I plan to read the next on before Christmas!

Why not curl up on a cold winters night and try this one out? I promise, you won’t regret it! You’ll enjoy the festivities that are taking place, the realistic and charming characters, and a who-dun-it that will SHOCK you in the end!

RATING: 5 stars!

First in a series, cozy mystery!


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Book Rating: 5 stars

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