The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

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The Lineup by Meghan QuinnThe Lineup by Meghan Quinn
Publication Date: December 5, 2019
Series: Brentwood Baseball Series #3
Genres: Romance
Pages: 385
Format: ARC
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My Rating : five-stars

Want to know a secret?

It's about that girl over there.
Don’t look, but she’s the one in the power suit—with the long, black hair and the serious expression, the one I’m about to go on a date with . . .

Yeah, according to her, she “accidentally” donated an obscene amount of money to my charity — The Lineup — to win said date but I found out the truth. Miss. Button Up Blouse has a secret, passionate crush on me.

I didn’t know her name until two days ago, despite the friends we have in common.
Was I oblivious? Probably.
Was I blind to it? Definitely.

But I’m no fool, I see it now. The High Heel Harlot wants more than just a date with Jason Orson, she wants to be able to claim the best butt in baseball as hers.

Here's another secret . . . she has no idea I know.

Romcom fans can rejoice because we have another winning romance right here with The Lineup!

I always get giddy when Meghan Quinn writes a new book because I feel like I’m revisiting friends. Her characters are gems and it’s not hard to fall in love with each one of them. In the Lineup readers will become well acquainted with Jason and Dottie. Their romance is thick with humor, the banter is hilarious, and the deep, all encompassing passion is swoon worthy. Gosh, Jason just may be one of my favorite heroes that Meghan has written! He and Dottie are a match made in heaven even though it took them a little while to come together. It’s a slow burn for sure because the two start off as enemies (rather, Dottie can’t stand him and makes it known) but it’s so much fun to “watch”. I was rooting for Jason from the beginning and it was a blast to watch him tear down the falls that held her heart hostage! It was a hoot too as I was laughing nearly every page!

Jason reminded me of Racer from Twisted Twosome. (If you haven’t read that one, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a standalone in the series and one of my top favorites. You can find it here: TWISTED TWOSOME. Why does he remind me of Racer, you ask? His wittiness and snarky personality that had me rolling on the floor laughing just like Racer. Jason may be a little more “feminine” (he isn’t afraid to weep (his words, not mine) and has one of the most positive outlooks on life) but their personalities are similar in so many ways! I freakin LOVED IT.

Dottie is a little rougher around the edges. She’s a BOSS lady, doesn’t give in easily, and really has no problem doing her own thing. She’s been burned in the past by men and doesn’t take easily to Jason who won’t take no for an answer. The two don’t hit it off right away (or easily) which leads to the hilarious banter, but when they do? MAGIC. Gosh, I really wasn’t sure about them being good for one another at first, but they are really each other’s perfect match. Their chemistry hides in plain sight!

Anyway, I really LOVED this book. I honestly didn’t want it to end because I couldn’t get enough of Jason (I’d love to try his potato salad). He’s such a charming, sweet man! Meghan wrote him to perfection, and I think all the ladies are going to fight over him. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance in some future books. Fingers crossed. Otherwise I’d just have to read this book all over again (and I totally could- that’s how much I loved it!).

If you’re looking for a sweet, one of a kind romance with the most ADORABLE hero in the world then you won’t want to miss The Lineup! I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed in this story! It’s truly a spectacular read, and I loved seeing Knox, Emery, Carson, and the rest of the gang!

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