Being Mrs. Cane by Shanora Williams

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Being Mrs. Cane by Shanora WilliamsBeing Mrs. Cane by Shanora Williams
Publication Date: November 15, 2018
Series: Cane series #3.5
Genres: Romance
Pages: 154
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My Rating : four-stars

They say there is happiness at the end of every love story, but they never truly mention the hardships it takes to get there.
With Cane, I’d been through hell and back, and now, I was going to be walking up the alter, promising my life to a man that I’d gambled everything for.

Some would call me dumb.
Some would deem me insane.
Others would say I was a fool in love.
But I knew what we were, and I knew what we had was real.

With every marriage, there is always something that can hold you back or make you think twice, and this something was going to be one of our biggest wars yet, or our greatest victory ever.

Please Note: This is the 4th and final book in the Cane series. It's a novella and wraps up the relationship between Cane and Kandi. This series must be read in order of publication! Series reading order: Wanting Mr. Cane, Breaking Mr. Cane, Loving Mr. Cane, and then this one.

What a wonderful ending to the series! I just breezed through this book in an hour and a half. It’s a novella, probably around 150 pages, but it’s definitely not hard to read from beginning to end in one small sitting. Not only that, it’s interesting enough to hold your attention the whole way through. I loved it! Kandy and Cane’s love story wasn’t an easy one for either of them but all the drama lead to an beautiful HEA. I highly recommend this series to those who are looking for a forbidden romance!

That being said, I will keep this review short and sweet as the story isn’t long and it wraps up Kandy and Cane’s epic romance very well. If you HAVEN’T read the series make sure you start at the beginning and read them in order as they are NOT standalones. These books focus on the forbidden romance between Kandy- and 18 year old girl (in the beginning) and her father’s best friend who is in his 30’s. These books have HEAT (loads and loads of sexy times that will keep you blushing), some drama and suspense, and a whole lot of love! Shanora does each trope phenomenally and readers will feel the passion. I won’t get into what happens in this book as it would spoil it for potential readers, but I will say that all of it made my heart burst with joy! It’s so nice to see these two finally get their HEA after all the awful crap they have gone through to get together.

All in all, this series as a whole get 4 stars from me! I loved it. I ached for the characters, cried with them, and fell in love with them. I know many readers will feel the same as I do. That being said, I highly recommend each and every book!

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