Baking Me Crazy Karla Sorensen

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Baking Me Crazy Karla SorensenBaking Me Crazy by Karla Sorensen
Publication Date: October 8, 2019
Series: Donner Bakery series #1
Published by Smartypants Romance Genres: Romance
Pages: 252
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My Rating : three-half-stars

I'm Levi Buchanan, and until five years ago, I thought the legend of my family's curse was a load of crazy, Southern nonsense.

No curse can make you fall in love at first sight. No curse can force a true, deep, passionate, all-consuming love that will haunt you all the days of your life.

Then I met Jocelyn Abernathy and I realized how completely wrong I was.

The problem is, Jocelyn guards her feelings like well-armed soldier. She's the most beautiful, stubborn, infuriating woman I've ever met. Every time she talks, I want to kiss the living daylights out of her. But I can't.

Because when we met, she didn't need true love. She needed a best friend. And that's what I've been to her... for five years.

But when Jocelyn meets a handsome stranger her first day working at Donner Bakery and she lets him buy her a dill pickle cupcake, I realize with ominous regret that I may have missed my window with my best friend.

If I can't get her to see past our friendship, my new curse may be to watch the love of my life move on with someone else.

'Baking Me Crazy' is a full-length contemporary romantic comedy, can be read as a standalone, and is book #1 in the Donner Bakery series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

Baking Me Crazy is the first book in the Donner Bakery series. Each book can be read as complete standalones. I love the idea around this series. Each book comes from the Penny Reid Book Universe and readers who have read her novels with see some familiar characters within the books. For instance, Cletus Winston from BEARD SCIENCE makes a few minor appearances in this one. Not only that, when I first saw the covers for these books I knew they were going to be must reads for me! How adorable are they? I just love them to pieces.

That being said, I like Baking Me Crazy. I had a few issues with the story, but the overall effect and smile it left on my face shows how much I enjoyed it. Here are the things I particularly liked about the book:


▶ I liked that the heroine had a disability. We don’s see this too often in romance novels so it’s nice to see that ladies who aren’t necessarily perfect can find love too.

▶ I loved the friends-to-lovers trope. This is a great trope and it’s so fun to watch two people who have become so close in their friendship move over to romance. Especially when one party doesn’t get the memo at first!

▶ Levi- he’s the hero of the story and he stole my heart the moment he appeared on the pages. He’s such a sweet, kindhearted man and Karla really shows this though his actions. I loved him to pieces!

▶ Joy- she’s a secondary character in the novel and her giddiness and bright outlook on life was refreshing. I’m really hoping she get’s a story somewhere.


▶ The heroine, Joss is disabled and needs to use a wheelchair most of the time. Now, I don’t care that she’s disabled or needs the wheelchair (see above) but I did find it problematic that her using said wheelchair was constantly talked about over and over again. Joss said she has no insecurities and in some ways that shows, but other times it feels like she was complaining about it too often. I only needed to hear about her using it once or twice- not every other page! It was overkill for me. I get it!

▶ You don’t really get a feel for the setting. I love a book that adequetly describes so I can feel like I am there with the characters (I read to escape and visit new places) and this just didn’t happen within this book. I have a feeling their setting is very small town and close knit but the author just doesn’t specify or really show us this.


Overall, I did enjoy the book but it certainly wasn’t a favorite of mine. A few small things bothered me enough that it took away some of my enjoyment for the story, but not enough to make me dislike it. I think many readers will love it though so make sure to scan through other peoples reviews as well.

Release Date: October 8, 2019
Actual Rating: 3.5 stars

Friends to Lovers | Romantic Comedy

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