Breaking Mr. Cane by Shanora Williams

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Breaking Mr. Cane by Shanora WilliamsBreaking Mr. Cane by Shanora Williams
Publication Date: July 12, 2018
Series: Cane series #2
Genres: Romance
Pages: 316
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My Rating : four-half-stars

The gripping, steamy follow up to the bestselling forbidden romance, Wanting Mr. Cane...

I was left broken, my heart beating a little bit harder in order to survive. I'd tried picking up the pieces, but when it came to Cane, it was hard to let go.
The way we touched was special and we promised to never forget one another. I had him right in the palm of my hand--thought everything was perfect--but in the blink of an eye, he was gone, leaving me with no choice but to pretend that what we had never existed.

She was off-limits to me, but I pushed the boundaries anyway. Now, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, my career slowly but surely slipping out of my grasp, and ghosts from my past returning to make things much more complicated.
My love life had never meant so much to me until I met Kandy.
After being knocked down and left stranded, any sane man would have stayed far away, but I wasn't sane--not by a long shot.
I knew reality was harsh, and the universe had all the odds stacked against us. Despite it all, nothing was going stop me from making her mine again.
And if someone tried, they were going to have to go over my dead body first.

Release Date: July 12, 2018
Actual Rating: 4.5 stars

Age Gap | Forbidden Romance | Must be read in Order.

Shanora Williams is breaking out some serious twists with this series and I cannot help but devour these books in one sitting. The way they end make me want to immediately start the next one. Good thing this series is already completed. I don’t know how readers were able to patiently wait for the next one!

That being said. Breaking Mr. Cane is the second book in the Cane series and must be read in order. These books follow the deliciously forbidden romance between an older man and his best friends daughter. I think it’s also safe to say that this series is not only forbidden, but suspenseful as well. At the end of this one, we are left with tidbits of information about something bad that is about to go on. Trust me, I was literally hanging by the edge of my seat wondering what the hell was happening! I didn’t expect the book to take the direction it did, but I am very much looking forward to finally getting my answers in the final novel.

If you aren’t familiar with this series (and/or haven’t read book 1: Wanting Mr. Cane) then stop reading here. You are about to be in spoiler territory.

When the first book ends we find out that Cane and Kandy’s secret relationship has been found out. A very evil woman named Kelly (an ex girlfriend of sorts) has sent Kandy’s parents a video of them having sex in his office. Things really start to get bad when Cane is injured when her father makes an appearance to have it out with him. This is how book 1 ends. So what happens next?

Well, the story progresses here in book 2 and things just get darker. Kandy is finally in college and has little to no contact with Cane after everything went down. But because she’s a spark to his flame they can’t completely let go of each other. So they end up meeting (coincidentally) while she’s at a college seminar and things begin to pick up between them again. Unfortunately, there are villains still out to get them and the assault on Cane at the end of book 1 looks like horseplay compared to what happens to Kandy at the end of this one. I was speechless! If it wasn’t 1:30 in the morning here I would be starting on the 3rd book now. Unfortunately, my eyes are sleepy and I must get to bed (after leaving this review) but I will be devouring it tomorrow.

If you are a fan of this series I can’t imagine you NOT wanting to binge it out and I def. recommend it if you’ve already read book 1. This is an awesome series filled with action, suspense, and a whole lot of amazing forbiddenness. I can’t wait to see how Cane and Kandy’s story ends!

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