Rock Star Interrupted by S.M. Shade

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Rock Star Interrupted by S.M. ShadeRock Star Interrupted by S.M. Shade
Publication Date: October 29, 2019
Genres: Romance
Pages: 229
Format: ARC
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My Rating : four-half-stars

I found my stillness, my space between breaths, when I was a kid. The answer is simple. If it hurts, I pour music on it.

After years of hard work, it's finally happening. Tragic has a number one album and we've gone from being discussed as one hit wonders to hearing words like meteoric mentioned alongside our name.

With two tours planned and another album on its way, we have a lot to look forward to. Playing in a different city every night, the shimmer and roar of the crowd, after parties and endless women.

My lifelong dream is in the palm of my hand until one phone call leaves everything hanging in the balance

Buckle up and brace yourself because the ending of Rock Star, Interrupted is a doozy! WHOA! I know to always expect some messed up endings when it comes to duets- the cliffhangers are always killer- but this one?!!? I can’t EVEN! Why S.M. Shade had to leave me hanging like this is seriously messing with my head right now and if I didn’t have a house full of people I would probably throw my iPad across the room and cry **pouting**. That being said, I cannot WAIT for the conclusion to Naomi and Axton’s story (I hope it is coming VERY soon).

Rock Star Interrupted is a rock star romance and introduces us to the broody Axton and his new nanny, Naomi. Axton is a man with demons. We don’t know exactly what demons he’s facing as we are only shown breadcrumbs of his past, but his demeanor, attitude, and horrible nightmares tell us that something is seriously wrong. Not only that, Axton is facing a new dilema in his life- a one year old baby boy that he never knew existed. How can he possibly take care of a child, work on his music (he’s an up and coming rock star who is quickly gaining popularity), and go on tour? Simple. Hire a nanny. That’s where Naomi comes in.

Naomi enjoys working with children so when she lands a job for a musician her life finally gains a semblance of control. However, working for Axton isn’t easy and he’s pretty standoffish and has a serious chip on his shoulder. But she makes do with what she has and enjoys taking care of Caden, his son.

This is a romance though, so will spark fly between a musician and his nanny? If you want to know the answer then you’ll have to read Rock Star, Interrupted! Just make sure you know that there is an EPIC TWIST at the end that will leave you begging for answers!

Release Date: October 29, 2019
Actual Rating: 4.5 stars

Rock Star Romance | Book 1 in the Duet

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