Serenading Heartbreak by Ella Fields

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Serenading Heartbreak by Ella FieldsSerenading Heartbreak by Ella Fields
Publication Date: September 27, 2019
Genres: Romance
Pages: 350
Format: ARC
Source: Author

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My Rating : four-half-stars

My first love was my brother’s best friend.
A lead singer in their band.
A picture of rugged perfection.
And a drunk soul mate who couldn’t commit.

My second love was an arrogant baseball player.
A player in every sense of the word.
A smooth-talking, reliable best friend.
And a chance at something beautiful and true.

The problem with having a first and second love?
That would be loving them at the same time.
My story isn’t some sexy triangle.
It’s exquisite agony.
Fate gave me two men to love,
but none of us knew which one I could keep.

Serenading Heartbreak is one hell of an emotional read and I enjoyed every second of it. Ella Fields knows how to write angst, heartbreak, and pure love like no other which is why I am always eager to go back to her stories and live within her characters lives. In this one, readers will be taken on an emotionally turbulent journey of first loves, second loves, and figuring out WHICH one is the forever love. Yes, there is a love triangle and I know this is a hard limit for some people BUT, it’s so realistic especially in these days that it’s hard NOT to relate to what Stevie is going through. Maybe you never experienced one but I’m sure you know someone who has. I recommend readers keep an open mind when deciding whether to read this one and even if triangles are a no no for you, you may want to give this one a try. The angst- gosh that ANGST- is almost unbearable at times but is so damn good!

Once again, Ella Fields ripped out my heart with her books and slowly put the pieces back together again. I was obsessed with this book, read it every second I could, and was always anxious to get back to it when adulthood took over. Potential readers, make sure to carve out enough time to read this one because once you start (especially towards the middle) you will have a hard time stopping! I highly recommend it!

“To fall in love twice was a beautiful rarity. To be in love with two men at the same time was a cruel twist of fate.”

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