Mrs. Morris and the Ghost by Traci Wilton

August 2, 2019     Elle    

Mrs. Morris and the Ghost by Traci WiltonMrs. Morris and the Ghost by Traci Wilton
Publication Date: July 30, 2019
Series: A Salem B&B Mystery Book #1
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 336
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher

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My Rating : four-half-stars

Charlene Morris knew Salem, Massachusetts had a spooky reputation. But when she decided to open her B&B there, she expected guests--not ghosts...

A grieving young widow, Charlene needed a new start--so she bought a historic mansion, sight unseen, and drove from Chicago to New England to start turning it into a bed-and-breakfast. On her first night in the house, she awakens to find a handsome man with startling blue eyes in her bedroom. Terror turns to utter disbelief when he politely introduces himself as Jack Strathmore--and explains that he used to live here--when he was alive. He firmly believes that someone pushed him down the stairs three years ago, and he won't be able to leave until someone figures out who. If Charlene wants to get her business up and running in time for the Halloween tourist rush, and get this haunting houseguest out of the way, she'll have to investigate. Though truth be told, this ghost is starting to grow on her . . .

I really enjoyed reading Mrs. Morris and the Ghost by Traci Wilton. I actually read it in one day! This is the first book in the Salem B&B Cozy mystery series. It’s a paranormal mystery as well. In the last few years I haven’t found any paranormal cozies that I could really get into but with this one I did. So I am super excited for the next one (there is a sneak peek at the end of this book). 

In this one, readers will meet Charlene Morris who is a new transplant to Salem Massachusetts. After her husband died she decided she needed a chance of scenery and is now opening a B&B in the historic town of Salem. If you know anything about Salem MA then you will know that this is the place where the witch trials took place. So it comes as no surprise that the author includes the paranormal here. Charlene of course doesn’t believe in ghosts and haunting even though the place she chose to reside is known for the paranormal. That is, until the previous owner of the home shows himself in spirit form. Needing to find out who killed him leads Charlene to pursue answers. Who could have killed the handsome doctor who had everything going for him? And why doesn’t anyone want to tell her about him and his life before he passed? All these answers and more will be revealed in Mrs. Morris and the Ghost and you won’t want to miss it!

This is the perfect start to a new cozy mystery series and I am truly excited for the next one! I think the title is going to be Mrs. Morris and the Witch (as shown though the first chapter preview at the end of this one). I hope the author will publish it sooner rather than later as I am already ready for my next fix! There is just something about this series that really speaks to me. 


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