One Potato, Two Potato, Dead by Lynn Cahoon

March 19, 2019 Elle Book Review ,

One Potato, Two Potato, Dead by Lynn CahoonOne Potato, Two Potato, Dead by Lynn Cahoon
Publication Date: March 19, 2019
Series: Farm-to-Fork Mystery series
Published by Lyrical Underground Genres: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 237
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My Rating : four-stars

Angie Turner’s restaurant, The County Seat, is conveniently located near a first-class farmers market—so her menu is full of fresh ingredients. But a visiting culinary professor has just had a taste of something very unhealthy . . .

Angie first meets Daniel Monet at a local mission, where she and her chef-in-training, Hope, are serving barbeque chicken poutine to the homeless. Monet is one of Hope’s teachers—but Angie’s boyfriend knows him from his youthful days in England, and he went by a different name back then. After Sheriff Brown shows up the next morning to report that the pseudo-French gourmet has been dead on top of a pool table, the victim of poisoned wine, it seems his real name might not have been the only secret he was hiding. The bon vivant is no longer vivant, and with Hope’s prints on the glass, it’ll be Angie who has to sauce out the real killer . . .

One Potato, Two Potato, Dead is the third installment in the Farm-to-Fork mystery series! Lynn Cahoon is a wonderful mystery writer and I am always anxious for her next novel (especially within this series). She makes her characters lovable, tough, and charming. With that being said, I truly love this series and think this is the perfect addition. While I wish there were more recipes included (I love to replicate them) I didn’t have any issues with the book overall. I think the mystery aspects were fantastic, I didn’t figure out the killer until it was revealed (although I admittedly had my suspicions) and I loved all the talk of soup (soup was the prominent source of foods throughout the book). 

If you are a cozy mystery fan and love culinary cozies, this book and series is a must read for you. Lynn brings originality, amazing characters, and intriguing mysteries to the table. I can’t wait for the next one!

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