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March 12, 2019 Elle Blog Tour, Book Review

Blog Tour: With or Without You by Shari LowWith or Without You Publication Date: February 12, 2019
Published by Aria Genres: Women's Fiction
Pages: 441
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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Have you ever made a life-changing decision and then wondered if you made the right one...?

When Liv and Nate walked up the aisle, Liv knew she was marrying the one, her soul mate and her best friend.

Six years later, it feels like routine and friendship is all they have left in common. What happened to the fun, the excitement, the lust, the love?

In the closing moments of 1999, Liv and Nate decide to go their separate ways, but at the last minute, Liv wavers. Should she stay or should she go?

Over the next twenty years we follow the parallel stories to discover if Liv's life, heart and future have been better with Nate... Or without him?

Perfect for the fans of Jojo Moyes, Lucy Diamond and Marian Keyes.


I found With or Without You to be a relevant and original read, one that I had a hard time putting down when I needed to deal with life. Shari Low has managed to write a beautiful story that has just as many laugh-out-loud moments as it does tearful ones. And because of this, I really enjoyed the story. This book illuminates second guessing oneself. It shows the trials and tribulations or marriage and if a person made the right choice and it is done so in a manner that is 100% believable. While I am glad I am not standing in Liv and Nate’s shoes, I am so happy to have been on the journey with them.

I have only read a few of the authors books to date but you can be certain that I will be reading many more of them in the future. Her books are very believable and interesting and it’s very hard not to fall in love with them. I honestly cannot wait to see what she writes next! I recommend this one with all my heart.


Still, I loved her and she was the only mum I had, so Glasgow’s Cilla Black and I were in it together. Even if she was in a big fat huff with me.

I’d rung off and headed into work early for my first shift of the New Year – I’d worked Christmas to let the nurses with children be with their families, and had a day shift on Hogmanay, so I’d managed to wangle three days off in a row. It sounded good, but it was just three whole days to ponder whether I’d made a huge mistake. I’d rather have been in work.

I was hoping to catch Chloe down in General Surgical before I started. She’d been on this ward since she’d finished her training, but she was waiting for news on her transfer request to A&E.

‘Hey honey,’ I greeted her, coming out of one of the private rooms. ‘Here’s your keys. You left them this morning and I’m double shift so I won’t be home until late.’

‘Ah, thanks. I’ll come find you at lunchtime and see if we can get our breaks together.’ We both knew the chances of this were slim. There was no such thing as a fixed schedule when it came to hospital wards. I was about to turn and go, when she stopped me. ‘Listen, that woman you helped at the hotel the other night. The head wound…’


‘Did she have auburn hair? About twenty-five?’

I nodded. ‘Why?’

‘I think I’ve got her here.’

‘Really?’ It hadn’t even crossed my mind to check if she’d come here, because I’d assumed that she would go to the nearest hospital to the hotel. We were miles away – however, we were the West of Scotland centre of excellence for neuro, so on reflection it probably wasn’t so much of a stretch.

‘Yep, cerebral haemorrhage, so she was transferred over here for emergency surgery. There are no free beds in neuro, so they brought her up here an hour ago from ICU.’

‘Holy crap, that’s a tough week. Is she okay?’

Chloe nodded. ‘I think she’s going to be fine. She’s got a mother of a headache, but she’s pretty much out of the woods. Do you want to see her?’

‘Of course.’

I followed Chloe to the last ward on the left. Four beds. Two of them inhabited by elderly women who were deep in conversation. In the bed nearest the window, there she was, looking much better than last time I saw her, despite a heavily bandaged head, drains, and some bruising on one side of her face. I hung back, just outside the doorway.

‘Is that her?’ Chloe asked.

‘It is.’

‘Okay, wait here.’

She went over to the bed and spoke to the patient, and I knew she was asking her if she wanted to meet me. It was absolutely the right thing to do because it was entirely possible that revisiting any aspect of her trauma could upset her. Thankfully, her face immediately broke into a grin, followed by a couple of very definite, but gentle nods.

Chloe beckoned me over.

‘Francine, this is Liv.’

‘Hi,’ she answered, with no sign of recognition at all, which was only to be expected given that last time I saw her she was out cold. ‘Nurse says you’re the one who found me in the toilets.’

‘I did.’

‘Thank you so much. I’ve been told that if I hadn’t been found when I was that the outcome could have been very different and I could have… have….’ She didn’t finish the sentence and she didn’t have to.

‘You’re very welcome. I’m just glad that you’re okay. Can you remember what happened?’

‘Not really,’ she answered. ‘But I think it was my shoes.’

‘Your shoes?’

‘Yeah, they were brand new and way too high. I couldn’t walk in them. I’d already gone over on my ankle twice, so I think it was down to the heels, combined with a few glasses of champagne and some really bad luck. I’m guessing I fell over and my head met with the cistern.’

Just one of those completely random fluke accidents. If Ida were here, she’d be harrumphing her breasts and coming out with some morbid cliché like, ‘Aye, you just never know the minute…’

‘They told me you climbed over the cubicle to help me?’ she said, her grin even wider now.



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