Gone with the Ghost by Erin McCarthy

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Gone with the Ghost by Erin McCarthyGone With The Ghost by Erin McCarthy
Publication Date: May 23, 2017
Series: Murder by Design #1
Published by SilverHart Publishing Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal
Pages: 220
Format: eBook
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My Rating : four-stars

Bailey Burke has had a rough six months—it’s not easy thinking your romantic overtures toward your best friend caused him to kill himself. Except that’s exactly what happened. Ryan is very much dead, having shot himself with his own police-issued gun. Guilt and grief shouldn’t cause hallucinations though, but six months after Ryan went into the ground, Bailey is freaking out and swearing his ghost is standing in her kitchen. Which he is…

Ryan claims he didn’t commit suicide, but was murdered, and he needs Bailey to help him find his killer so he can earn his ticket out of purgatory. Ryan’s counting on a stairway to heaven, as opposed to wings, since that might be a little unmanly for a cop, even a dead one.

An expert in home design, with her own staging business, Bailey can tell you where to place a couch to improve flow and comfort, but solving a crime? Not her area of expertise. But with help from Ryan’s former partner, Marner, she is unraveling the mystery of what happened to Ryan that day… and unwittingly putting herself in grave danger.

Gone with the Ghost is the first in a brand new paranormal mystery series by Erin McCarthy. While it’s an extremely quick read at only 220 pages, everything get done in an ample amount of time to keep readers satisfied. For me, I love paranormal mysteries so any new ones that are being released will almost immediately call my name. On top of that, knowing that this book was written by Erin McCarthy (I used to read all of her books way back in the day) I knew I had to have this one. Did I enjoy it? Very much! It’s a lighthearted read and contains a heroine that will make you laugh out loud! It’s got the perfect amount of paranormal as well mixed with a mystery that I couldn’t solve myself. So all in all, it’s a very good book. The only downside for me is the price. This book is really short and paying nearly $5.00 for it is pretty steep- especially considering some of the amazing novels out there for less than this one. But if the price doesn’t bother you, or if your a fan of the author and like paranormal mysteries (that are pretty cozy) then I would recommend this one to you!

About The Book 
In this new series we meet Bailey. Right from the get-go we also meet her friend Ryan who happens to be a ghost. Of course, he wasn’t always a ghost,this only happened when he was “murdered”. So imagine Bailey’s shock when she does indeed find her dead best friend in her home. Surprised? Yes. Scared? Yup! Happy? Kind of… So what’s Ryan’s purpose of coming back into his dear friends life? To find out who killed him! And the only person who can help him (and see him) is Bailey. Will they find out who killed him? Was he actually killed or did he do the deed himself? You’ll have to find out by reading this one!

Overall, this is a fun little read and I would def. recommend it to those who enjoy these types of books. Remember though, this is a paranormal mystery! Not a romance. Anyway, I can’t wait to read the second book which will come out in late August!

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