Perfect Mishap by Aimee Horton

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Perfect Mishap by Aimee HortonMothers Ruined by Aimee Horton
Publication Date: May 10, 2014
Series: The Perfect Disaster series #2
Genres: Chick Lit
Pages: 220
Format: Kindle Unlimited
Source: Borrowed

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My Rating : five-stars

"Laugh-out-loud funny with a hapless heroine everyone can relate to, Mothers Ruined is a perfect summer read." - Kerry Barrett

Dottie is back, in her first full-length novel, and life couldn’t be more chaotic.

Husband Henry is hundreds of miles away in Scotland, drinking whisky on a work “jolly”, leaving heavily pregnant Dottie to move house to a quiet village, on her own with two young children. When Dottie goes into labour three weeks early it’s a race against time for Henry to make it back for the birth of his new daughter.

Once the proud parents are back at home with their new addition – who surprises everyone by being a boy and not the girl they were expecting – recently promoted Henry continues to travel up and down the country, leaving Dottie struggling to adjust to village life. The other villagers seem a little bit on the snotty side – although that could be because when Dottie first meets them she has dyed her children green. So when she accidentally hears her neighbours’ conversations over the baby monitor, she can’t help but use the information she hears in her quest to build new friendships.

But of course, we all know that earwigging doesn’t end well, and when Dottie discovers two of her neighbours are having an affair she’s horrified. Worse still, she soon finds out the locals are convinced she’s the one who’s doing the cheating. It’s up to Dottie to clear her name and expose the real cheat – in her signature haphazard way!

This is one of the funniest chick lit books I have read in a long time! I enjoyed every single second of it and frankly, did not want it to end. Everything about it is light-hearted, breezy, and downright hilarious! I found myself laughing out loud almost the whole way through. It’s like the main character Dottie says all the things us parents want to say out loud but can’t because we would look extremely rude. Gosh, this book is just a blast! Readers who are interested in this book should note that while it is a part of an overall series featuring Dottie, one could easily read it as a standalone as I did. I don’t feel like I missed anything crucial that were incorporated in previous books. However, now that I have read this one I feel the urge to read the series from the beginning because, well, this one was awesome! 

So this story is about Dottie who just moved into a new house/neighborhood with her family. She is a mother of 3, she works endlessly to keep her children in check, and balances marriage, and friendships. Motherhood can be a rattling experience and sometimes good friends and wine helps to ease the stress. But when scheming neighbors come into play along with baby monitors that pick up what’s going on in other people’s homes, life can get tricky. Luckily, Dottie takes all of this in stride because she has a wonderful family and support system with her friend Jane. But getting to the bottom of the scheming is on her top to do list and she stops at nothing to get through it! 

This is a hilarious take on motherhood and I highly recommend it to all readers who love a good laugh, and an amazing chick lit book. I honestly loved this one to pieces and can’t say enough good things about it. So take my word for it and pick up this 5 star read! You will NOT regret it!! 

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