The Runaway Bridesmaid by Daisy James

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The Runaway Bridesmaid by Daisy JamesThe Runaway Bridesmaid by Daisy James
Publication Date: September 28, 2015
Genres: Chick Lit
Pages: 212
Format: eBook
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My Rating : four-stars

What a girl wants…

Squeezing herself into a frothy, flouncy, bubble-gum pink dress, Rosie Hamilton thinks that being a bridesmaid for her spoilt little sister Freya can’t get any worse. But discovering her boyfriend in a cupboard with the bride, ten minutes before Freya is due to say ‘I do’, is the icing on the sequinned wedding cake – and Rosie’s cue to pack her bags.

Swapping her Louboutins for Wellingtons, Rosie throws her bridesmaid bouquet in the air and flies from bustling New York to sleepy Devon. Her late Aunt Bernice’s cosy countryside cottage is the only place that’s ever felt like home. Now, for the first time in her life, and with the help of her beloved Aunt’s diaries, Rosie must put herself first for a change – and decide what she really wants…

A delightful romance, perfect for fans of Sophie Hart and Lindsey Kelk!

This is a charming and sweet read that is sure to warm your heart! The author has a knack for keen detail and writes characters as if they are your close next door neighbors. For a debut novel, this is a wonderful read and I will surely be looking for more books by her in the future. 

The first thing about this book that caught my attention is the cute cover. I am personally a sucker for sweet and gorgeous covers and this one hits the mark. In addition to this, I loved the blurb – bridesmaid is cheated on and leaves the country to find solace at her late aunt’s estate only to find more than she bargained for–. I mean this all screams chick lit, and this is exactly what I needed! The characters in this book are memorable. I really loved Rosie; she’s sweet, charming, and an overall nice girl. While she is a bit of a pushover (at first) readers can see her growth as the novel progresses. The men that Rosie meets are not as likable, well except for one, but this adds to the books dynamic. I also enjoyed the secondary characters. The author makes it clear that family and friends are extremely important and this is shown through their actions. 

Overall, this is a wonderful debut novel and I really enjoyed reading Rosie’s story. While I like a bit of humor in my chick lit books (this one is lacking this aspect) I think the overall plot and characters make up for this. Once again, the author is off to a good start in her writing career and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future! 

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