Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

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Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey KelkAlways the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk
Publication Date: May 7, 2015
Published by Harper Collins Genres: Chick Lit
Pages: 400
Format: Paperback
Source: Author

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My Rating : five-stars

Maddie Fraser has never been anything other than the girl in the background: golden boy Dan’s little sister, crazy Shona’s minion, workaholic Sebastian’s ex and now she’s also the girl in the middle of her warring best friends.

Lauren has announced she’s getting married – just as Sarah’s husband asks her for a divorce. Nothing in Maddie’s career in event organising has prepared her for this particular combo of planning and real pain. The news that her ex is also tying the knot is the final straw. While the magazines say she should be leaning in, all she wants to do is sleep in. But whether she likes it or not, everything is about to change for Maddie. For better or worse, this grown-up bridesmaid is taking centre stage…

This book is FABULOUS! I won this book on twitter from the author (thank you!) and hadn’t had a chance to read it… Until now. AND OMG I am so glad I read this book. I am now officially hooked on all things Lindsey Kelk and I cannot WAIT to read more of her novels. This one in particular is LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY. It’s also sweet, fun, charming, and totally adorable. I loved the characters, the plot, and all the shenanigans that go on throughout the novel. And while I have never been in Maddie’s shoes before, I can totally relate to her character as I (like her) have a hard time saying no to people EVEN WHEN they have ridiculous expectations. Gah, I totally fell in love with this book from the minute I started reading it and I can’t wait for others to read it either! This is a wonderful chick lit novel!

So this book is about Maddie and her two best friends (Sarah and Lauren). Maddie is the main character and Sarah and Lauren are mostly secondary characters but they sure add a lot to the story- without them, it wouldn’t be the same! Anyway, so Maddie finds herself in a bit of a pickle (or quite a few pickles) when she becomes her friend Laurens bridesmaid. This should be amazing right? After all, it’s wonderful to see your very best friend fall in love and marry the man of her dreams. But things get sticky because, while this should be a fun time in their friendship to bond, their other best friend Sarah is getting divorced… Dun dun dun… [Cue sad music]. Even more than this, poor Maddie is working for the boss from hell, she is trying to remain a constant companion for her grieving friend, helping her best friend plan her perfect wedding, going through a new relationship, AND working nonstop on other parties (she is a party planner after all). Gah… there is so much going on in Maddie’s life and she has to keep up with everything. But can she do all this? Can one truly balance a hard job, demanding friendships, and a new suitor? Well she damn well tries! 

Readers will laugh out loud throughout this journey as Maddie finds ways to balance all of the things that are going on in her life. After reading you may have some withdrawals (I do, wah!) and want to see more of Maddie. I am HOPING that Maddie gets more stories as I feel she deserves it! I would love to see her take on more adventures… even her own adventures of love!!! Anyways, this book is one of those books that should be on everyone’s TBR (especially if you love romantic comedies and chick lit novels like I do). I highly recommend giving this one a go. Readers will be delighted with the British charm and mannerisms of the characters and have a fun time with Maddie as she navigates her hectic life. Oh yea, this is a MUST READ!!!

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