I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk

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I Heart London by Lindsey KelkI Heart London by Lindsey Kelk
Publication Date: June 7, 2012
Series: I Heart #5
Published by Harper Genres: Chick Lit
Pages: 366
Format: eBook
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My Rating : four-stars

Home is where the heart is. Right? Angela Clark has fallen in love with America -- and it's starting to love her back. Throw one expired visa into the mix, and things quickly take a turn for the worse. She might love her life as a Brit in New York, but now she has no choice but to return to London. Not only does she leave behind her gorgeous boyfriend Alex -- she must also face unfinished business back on home turf. There's the ex-boyfriend -- who she moved to New York to get away from. Then there's her best friend, with her perfect new baby. And there's her mum. Now, there's another wedding in the offing -- and everyone remembers how well the last one went ...

Lindsey Kelk is one of my all time favorite chick lit authors and it’s simply because of THIS series. Sure, I have read two of her other books outside the series and loved those too but this one gets me every time. I have actually been scrambling to read these books in anticipation for her latest novel, I Heart Forever, which just released today! So I only have one more book to go before I can dive into that one. That said, I am super excited because I simply cannot get enough of Angela and her hectic life. 

In this one, Angela jets off to London with Alex and Jenny in tow for her moms sixtieth birthday party. Unfortunately, that is not all that is on the agenda. Angela needs to meet with execs in order to launch a new magazine, Jenny is still a mess from her recent heartbreak(s) and goes on a tangent, Alex is as kind as ever yet annoyingly lovely to her family (who she thinks are utterly crazy), and the rest of them? Blissfully happy to be throwing a little shindig for the happy couple (read to find out what it’s for). Will things go according to plan? Probably not. But it’s a fun adventure for us readers! 

I Heart London is a hilarious and fun novel that will leave readers grabbing their tissues because they are laughing so hard that tears will stream down their faces. It’s also a pretty lighthearted and fast paced read, so it won’t take long to read through it. If your a chick lit fan, this book (and series) is a must have! Just remember, this entire series needs to be read in order as it follows the same heroine throughout. 

This series is bloody brilliant 

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