Sunshine After the Rain by Daisy James

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Sunshine After the Rain by Daisy JamesSunshine After the Rain by Daisy James
Publication Date: July 5, 2017
Published by HQ Digital Genres: Chick Lit
Pages: 384
Format: ARC
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My Rating : four-stars

A summer that changes everything…

Frazzled workaholic Evie Johnson has finally had enough! When she’s blamed for a publicity disaster at the art gallery she loves, she decides to flee the bright lights of London for the sun-drenched shores of Corfu and turn her life upside-down.

Under the shade of the olive trees, she picks up her dusty paintbrushes and begins to chase the dreams she had put aside for so long. But she never expected to bump into drop-dead-gorgeous Sam Bradbury – and certainly not whilst wrapped only in a towel!

A summer fling is the last thing Evie wanted but a few stolen kisses under the stars might just begin to change her mind…

Sunshine After the Rain by Daisy James is a fun little book that I really enjoyed reading. There are books out there that are sure to lift your spirits, and readers, this is one of them! One of my favorite things when reading this one is that I was able to be transported into a lovely setting. The author does a wonderful job at essentially drawing us a picture of Corfu, and if I could go there myself I would. This is a magical quality for any book and the James really hit the nail on the head. 

With that, this is the perfect summer read. It fast paced, lighthearted, and 100% charming. The characters are fun to get to know, and watching Evie grow throughout the story was amazing to witness. For me, this adds a realistic quality to the novel. In some books, character growth is nonexistent. This can take away from the story (especially for me as a reader) so I was thrilled to see it in this one. And don’t forget the setting! You’ll be wanting to vacation on Corfu too!! 

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