Spring at Blueberry Bay by Holly Martin

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Spring at Blueberry Bay by Holly MartinSpring at Blueberry Bay by Holly Martin
Publication Date: April 7, 2017
Series: Hope Island Series #1
Genres: Chick Lit
Pages: 338
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher

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My Rating : four-stars

Welcome to beautiful Hope Island where the sea sparkles, the daffodils are blooming and a blossoming romance is just around the corner…

Bella has always had a sunny outlook and caring nature, despite recently falling on hard times. When she finds a handsome homeless man on her doorstep, her kind heart tells her she must help him. So, she invites Isaac into her cottage and into her life in ways she could never have imagined…

But Isaac is not what he seems. He’s keeping a huge secret from Bella, yet he never expected to fall for this open, generous and charming woman.
Bella can’t ignore the chemistry between her and Isaac, but she’s had her trust badly broken in her past. Will she run when she learns the truth about Isaac, or will he be the one man who can help Bella believe in love again?

Awe! This is such a sweet and lovely read that it left me with the biggest smile when I finished it. Now, while a familiar trope is used in the story (a sort of co-workers/office romance) the author presented it in a unique and utterly charming way! I won’t spoil the story for you so that’s all I will say on that topic, but I really loved how it developed and came together. With that, this book is perfect for those enjoy chick lit and women’s fiction novels. There are moments of hilarity, moments where you want to rip out your hair (those are few and far between), moments of tears, and most of all, moments of joy. Holly Martin used exact precision when describing the scene as well, and I truly felt like I was there with the characters. Being from America, I haven’t ever been to London or the surrounding areas, but I felt like I was there when reading this one. Even more important is that the language and use of British words are not overused so there was no confusion or HMM moments while reading. While I appreciate the difference in language of course, some writers from different countries can cause confusion for those who live in other international areas but that’s not the case with this one. Well done!!! 

A little more about this story: Spring at Blueberry Bay is a gem of a novel and the characters absolutely sparkle! Bella is as sweet and charming as they come and is more than willing to help those in need. She has a heart of gold but her life has taken a bit of a turn and she is almost destitute. This however doesn’t change her demeanor and when she meets a homeless man who is in need of assistance she jumps right in to help. 

Issac is a charming guy that swept my heart away. He’s a bit dishonest in the beginning but his intentions are pure and make sense once you get into the moral of the story. He’s also the type of man that WANTS love, so when his meets this charming lady who doesn’t believe in it he essentially makes it his mission to change her mind about love. 

With a few bumps and some little white lies, this story is bound to have an impact on any reader. It is absolutely sweet and a must read for all fans. For me, I am quite new to the author (I have only read one other book written by her) but I am most certainly going to be putting her on my watch list for any upcoming and past releases.

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