The Time in Between by Kristen Ashley

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The Time in Between by Kristen AshleyThe Time in Between by Kristen Ashley
Publication Date: August 29, 2017
Series: Magdalene series #3
Genres: Romance
Pages: 563
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My Rating : five-stars

After a painful loss, Cady Moreland is coming to Magdalene to start the next chapter of her life. A chapter that began eighteen years ago but had a heartbreaking ending. The time in between was full of family and friendship, but Cady could never get the man she fell in love with all those years ago out of her heart.

Coert Yeager has learned to live without the girl who entered his life right when she shouldn’t and exited delivering a crippling blow he never would have suspected. The time in between was full of failing to find what he was missing…and life-altering betrayal.

But when that girl shows up in Magdalene and buys the town’s beloved lighthouse, even if Coert wants to avoid her, he can’t. A fire in town sparks a different kind of flame that won’t be ignored.

As Cady and Coert question the actions of the two young adults they once were thrown into earth-shattering circumstances, can they learn from what came in between and find each other again?

This book proves why Kristen Ashley is such a great author. This love story is absolutely stunning! I can’t remember the last time I smiled so much when I was reading. Sigh.. Readers everywhere are either going to want a love like the one portrayed in this story or be thankful that they already do. It’s just utterly beautiful. The only downside to the story, in my opinion, is that is is super long. In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind the length but there was so little drama that I felt like the story dragged a little bit. Regardless of that though, this story still gets a solid 5 star rating from me because it’s so gorgeous and filled with emotion. I truly loved it.

The Time in Between tells a second chance romance that is 17 years in the making. Two people who met in their early to late twenties met under false pretenses come back together many years later. At first, the lies that kept them apart continued to do so until they both took a look deep inside themselves and realized that the love that blossomed many years ago was still there. And when they finally get over their own demons and let themselves just love? Pure fireworks explode!

This is one of those books that speaks volumes about undying and forever love. Readers can FEEL this through the characters and the way the author writes it. As I mentioned above, there is a little bit of drama and there are also a couple of hurdles that the couple needs to jump through in order to find their HEA but it doesn’t take away from the overall love story. In fact, I felt that there could have been a little bit MORE drama and the story still would have functioned well. But in the end, everything that needed to be there in order for this to be a truly great story was there and I am so happy about how it all turned out. I adore a book that makes me feel- one that stirs up my emotions, one that makes my heart thump a million miles an hour, and one that makes me fall deeply in love with the characters. This is THAT kind of story. I loved reading it from beginning to end.

If your a Kristen Ashley fan, it should go without saying that you need to read this book. It’s a gem and wonderfully written. If your new to the author and you want to try out her books be aware that you CAN read this one as a COMPLETE STANDALONE. Because it is. Some characters from other series make small appearances in this one (which I found really cool) but there is no back story to this couple. They stand alone.

Highly recommended read! One of my favorites of the year.

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