Surrender by Helen Hardt

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Surrender by Helen HardtSurrender by Helen Hardt
Publication Date: May 16, 2017
Series: Steel Brothers Saga #6
Genres: Romance
Pages: 288
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My Rating : four-stars

Book 6 in the Steel Brothers Saga. This series must be read in order.

Jonah Steel has fallen in love with Melanie Carmichael but refuses to make a commitment until he has solved the mystery of his family’s past. A new threat has surfaced, and he needs to eliminate it.

Melanie loves Jonah but has yet to surrender completely to his needs. Still, she wants a promise that he can't yet make. While the ghosts of her past still hover around her, she joins him on his quest for answers. Together, they vow to find the truth.

But the deeper they dig, the more danger they uncover…

Surrender by Helen Hardt is the 6th book in the Steel Brothers Saga and each book must be read in order for full understanding of the story line. This is a darker romance series that deals with hard issues like child abuse (although it happens in the past and is not a current issue with the characters at this stage in their lives). Some of the flashbacks may be disturbing for some viewers so reader discretion is advised.

With that, this is a very addicting series. It does deal with some tough issues (as mentioned above) but has some very sweet and sensual romance to it as well. If you have been following the series you will know that this is the third book that features Jonah Steel and Melanie (the first 3 feature Talon and Jade) and the next 3 feature Ryan and whoever his love interest may be. In addition to this, if you are familiar with the series you will also continue to follow what happened in Talon’s past. More information is provided in this book and as new things come to light readers will find themselves shocked. I know I did! I never saw the ending coming. The twists and turns just don’t stop in this series! YIKES!!!

Without going into the plot (because this series should be read without even the slightest spoilers) I will say that it is a must read series. Normally if a series is overlong I tend to get bored with it and move on but with this one I simply can’t. I am addicted to it. The characters are amazing, the story line is interesting (albeit a bit sad and dark) and the author has a unique way of presenting the story. I highly recommend it.

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