Say You Want Me by Corinne Michaels

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Say You Want Me by Corinne MichaelsSay You Want Me by Corinne Michaels
Publication Date: October 29, 2016
Series: Return to Me series #2
Genres: Romance
Pages: 304
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My Rating : five-stars

From New York Times Bestseller, Corinne Michaels, comes a new friends to lovers standalone romance.

There’s no way I’ll fall for Wyatt Hennington.

He can keep his Southern drawl, irresistible smile, and those pick-up lines all to himself. I made the mistake of sleeping with him not once, but twice. I’m not stupid enough to give him round three, especially after he left me in the middle of the night so I could see myself out. I vow to return to Philadelphia and forget him.

It proves easier said than done.

When the doctor informs me I’m the winner of door prize number two, I put my life on hold and head back to Bell Buckle. Three months and if we can’t make this work, I’m gone.

The problem is—when the cards are stacked against us, and I can’t bring myself to leave him, I’ll finally know if he truly loves me or if all my fears were real . . .

This is an AMAZING book. I read it in a few hours because I simply couldn’t put it down. At first, it starts off as a pretty light hearted read with a twist, and because of this I thought it would be uncomplicated and smooth moving. But WOAH. This book packs a punch and this one hit me right in the heart. Gosh! I laughed, I cried (there were some very unexpected moments), and I pretty much swooned the whole way through because the hero (Wyatt) stole my heart. But readers, you should expect the unexpected in this one… Because if it hits you like it did me than you will need some tissues because the ugly cries may come!

With that being said, this is a wonderful romance. Corrine Michaels knows how to go down deep and pluck up some delicate and beautiful characters. This one in particular is a small town romance and our hero is a swoon worthy cowboy who won’t settle for anything less than his forever. Of course, this makes the character that more endearing to us readers, but the heroine has a hard time with this because many woman want him!

The heroine of the story knows of Wyatt because she had a couple of sexual interactions with him in the past. Nothing serious ever came out of it though because of a minor misunderstanding. But, seeing as the heroine is hiding a secret she is forced to face him once again. Is it all butterflies and rainbows? Not at first. You see, the heroine is a 36 year old independent woman who could care less if she is alone or note. In fact, she is comfortable living in Philly and doing her thing with no strings attached. But Wyatt does something to her… And those toe curling moments from the past simply cannot fade from her mind….

What starts off as an angsty but lighthearted romance quickly becomes an epic one in this story. Readers will easily fall in love with both Wyatt and Angie, and they will feel the chemistry from them oozing out of the pages. In the beginning this romance is pretty slow burning, but once it heats up you will definitely find it blush worthy and beautiful. So should you read it? Um yes! This is the perfect romance to curl up with. And more? It proves to readers that true love if definitely worth fighting for!!!

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