Never Too Far by Abbi Glines

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Never Too Far by Abbi GlinesFallen Too Far by Abbi Glines
Publication Date: February 25, 2013
Series: Rosemary Beach Series #2
Genres: Romance
Pages: 273
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My Rating : five-stars

The New York Times bestselling novel that continues the passionate story of Rush and Blaire from Fallen Too Far.

Our relationship had been short. Intense and brief. I wondered what it would have felt like to curl up in Rush’s arms anytime I wanted. To know I was safe and that he loved me. We’d never had that chance.

Just when Blaire allowed herself to fall for her stepbrother, Rush, he revealed a life-altering secret so devastating that she couldn’t forgive him. Unable to face him again, Blaire leaves the promise of true love behind in Rosemary Beach and returns to the comforts of her small town in Alabama, wanting nothing more than to put the summer behind her.

But unexpected news complicates Blaire’s plans, and she’s forced to trust the one man she shouldn’t. Trapped between Rush’s fierce desire to win her back and her own sense of self-preservation, Blaire doesn’t know if she’s doing the right thing...or if she’s making the biggest mistake of her life.

Please Note: You must read Fallen too Far before reading this one! You can find it here: Amazon

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This is a really enjoyable new adult, romance series. Everything about it is light, swoony, fast-faced, adorable, and real. While there are some points within the story that you want to shake the main characters, there comes a point when you can understand and even sympathize with their decisions and how they go about balancing their friendships, love, and day to day issues.

In Never Too Far we continue Blaire and Rush’s story after she walks out on him due to lies he was hiding in the first book. While it is immediately clear that the two love each other beyond words, the both have a lot of healing to do before they can finally loose themselves in the love they have for one another. That’s not to say that Rush doesn’t try his hardest to win back the women he loves. Just reading about his emotions and his sweet reactions to Blaire is totally swoon worthy and sweet- much different from the Rush we met in the first book. Rush is a changed man in this book, but still a man that makes mistakes just like Blaire does. The good thing about this installment though is that we see a lot of character growth in the two. This is important as a series folds out. So you definitely get this. Finally, as in the first book, there is yet another shocking revelation in this novel that will surprise readers. So not only do Blaire and Rush have to deal with the lies and deceit in terms of their family members but another shocking secret that will forever change their lives.

This is another hit in the Rosemary Beach series by the famous and wonderful Abbi Glines. When I read the first book I was hooked. And then I read this one and I am even more hooked. I am so glad that this is a light and breezy series as it will allow me to play catch up with the rest of the novels. Overall, this is a definite 5 star read for me and I look forward to continuing the series and seeing how the characters’ lives unfold.


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