Built by Jay Crownover

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Built by Jay CrownoverBuilt by Jay Crownover
Publication Date: January 5, 2016
Series: Saints of Denver #1
Published by William Morrow Paperbacks Genres: Romance
Pages: 352
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My Rating : five-stars

The first in the new SAINTS OF DENVER series from NYT bestselling author of the MARKED MEN series, Jay Crownover

Sometimes you have to tear everything down to build something new…

Sayer Cole is frozen inside. At least, that’s what it’s felt like for as long as she can remember. She’s yet to let anyone past her icy exterior – and the one guy she thinks might melt her heart couldn’t possibly be interested in someone so uptight.

Rough, hard and hot-as-hell, Zeb Fuller has rebuilt his life and his construction business since protecting his family sent him to jail all those years ago. His elegant client, Sayer, makes him feel like a Neanderthal in denim, but despite the many hints that he’s been dropping to get to know her better, she seems oblivious to his charms.

Just as things finally start to heat up, Zeb’s past comes back to haunt him and he needs Sayer’s professional help to right a wrong and to save more than himself. As these opposites dig in for the fight of their lives, fire and ice collide in an unstoppable explosion of steam…

I loved this book! It sucked me in from the get-go and I didn’t want to put it down until I was finished! I also have to say that this book was so unexpected! When I initially picked it up I thought it was going to be about a hard-ass ex con with no morals and a “don’t give a f*ck attitude”. However, I was seriously mistaken and PLEASANTLY surprised! This book is really all about second chances and giving into your heart and being there for those you love even if they came about in an unexpected way. Zeb is not a jerk/tough guy character but instead, is as sweet as pie! Woah, I totally LOVED him! If I could fold him up, put him in my pocket, and keep him forever I WOULD! Gah, he is just written as pure perfection- the kinda guy all women would want!

Anyway, so this story is about Zeb and Sayer (cool names, huh). Zeb has a past. He went to prison for beating a guy up because this man was abusing his sister. When he gets out he has a drunken one night and all that. But deep down, he doesn’t use women and toss them aside. In fact, he wants a relationship but the woman has to be right for him. In comes Sayer. She is a family attorney and has a very tough exterior due to her past (she grew up in a bad household). When she meets Zeb she is immediately drawn to him but stays away because she isn’t ready for a relationship due to said past. But Zeb won’t give up on her. Especially because the two have to work close together to save someone from his past…. Someone he didn’t know about until a person came knocking on his door….

Overall, this is a fantastically written and lovely story. I loved it immediately and never wavered from this love throughout the entire book. It is so different from what I initially thought it was going to be which made me love it even more. This is the first book I have read by the author and now I feel a strong urge to go pick up more of her books. Crownover clearly knows how to write. She can suck in her readers with only a few words and keep them captivated throughout. This is the kind of author you don’t want to miss out on! This is a gorgeous story with gorgeous characters and an amazing plot! Highly recommended!


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