Die, My Love by Kathryn Casey

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Die, My Love by Kathryn CaseyDie, My Love by Kathryn Casey
Publication Date: April 24, 2007
Genres: True Crime
Pages: 368
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My Rating : four-half-stars

The day before Halloween 2004 was the last day on Earth for respected, well-liked college professor Fred Jablin. That morning, a neighbor discovered his body lying in a pool of blood in the driveway of Jablin's Virginia home. Police immediately turned their attentions to the victim's ex-wife, Piper, a petite, pretty Texas lawyer who had lost a bitter custody battle and would do anything to get her kids back. But Piper was in Houston, one thousand miles away, at the time of the slaying and couldn't possibly have been the killer . . . could she?

So began an investigation into one of the most bizarre cases Virginia and Texas law enforcement agencies had ever encountered: a twisted conspiracy of lies, rage, paranoia, manipulation, and savage murder that would ensnare an entire family—including two lethally close look-alike sisters—and reveal the shocking depravities possible when a dangerously disordered mind slips into madness.

This is a very well written, clear, and concise true crime read that will leave readers busy for hours. I first bought this book because I saw it was discounted on amazon ($2.99 on kindle) and this is a very rare sale. True crime books are not typically this low in price so I knew I needed to pick it up quick. The second reason I grabbed it is because Kathryn Casey is one of the best true crime writers out there. She dives in depth into the individuals lives; both the victims and the murderers, giving us a clear glimpse into their life story. Readers are not left with questions in regards to their lives and to me, this is extremely important. Knowing this, Casey hit the nail on the head with this book. Everything about it is emotional, disturbing, and riveting. While it is horrible that this man was murdered by his wife in cold blood, readers cannot help but be engrossed in this tragic tale.

This particular book is about a man named Fred Jablin. He was a father of three and married to a woman who at first appeared stable, but in the end turned out to be a greedy woman who thought only of herself and money. When the two set out to get a divorce things turned ugly. His wife Piper was acting unstable, doing things that no mother would do, and racking up a ton of debt on his cards. When the courts hear of this and orders a mental evaluation on the two, it is clear who should be in charge of the children full time- Fred. Piper doesn’t like this though and sets out to hurt him in the worst way possible… By murdering him.

This is a sensational and tragic story that will leave readers feeling all types of emotions. The heartlessness and selfishness of this woman comes out through the pages and readers can easily paint the picture themselves of who killed Fred. After all, the evidence doesn’t point to anyone else… Or does it?

Once again, Kathryn Casey delivers a great true crime read. She doesn’t take sides rather; she displays a picture of the whole story from the moment they met till Fred’s last breath. This is definitely a good one for all fans of true crime and even for those who are curious with this genre.


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