Naughty Bits by Selena Kitt

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Naughty Bits by Selena KittNaughty Bits by Selena Kitt
Publication Date: November 14, 2008
Genres: Romance
Pages: 164
Format: eBook
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My Rating : four-stars

This is a taboo romance between brother and sister . Due to the nature of the romance the author needed to revise it and now it's a romance between stepbrother and sister.

David has been brightening up his gray Surrey, England days with the porn collection hidden in his parents' shed, but when he finds that his older sister, Dawn has discovered his magazines, things really begin to heat up. Their parents insist that their just-graduated son look for a job, but their daughter has the week off and is determined to work on her tan. Distracted David finds himself increasingly tempted by his seductive older sister, who makes it very clear what she wants. Her teasing ways slowly break down the taboo barrier between brother and sister until they both give in to their lust... but what are they going to do about the feelings that have developed between them in the meantime?

This is pure erotic, taboo romance. While some may find it quite sick (as it involved “step-brother” and sister romance) it is written as a fantasy for those who enjoy something a bit different. This type of romance doesn’t bother me as I have an open mind and realize this is a work of forbidden fiction. If you are easily offended and are looking for a loving romance, then look somewhere else because you won’t get it with this one! Now, while I appreciate this book (it is hot and dirty- I mean the sex scenes are insane) I really don’t like how it ended. I wish we as readers got a bit more closure. If this book had a bit more to it (it wasn’t very long anyway) it would have been a 5 star read. However, because it ended so abruptly I have to give it 4 stars. 

For those thinking of picking this one up, this is what you will get:
1. A book FILLED with almost ALL sex scenes. There is some dialogue but mostly it’s just dirty talk and a lot of illicit action.
2. A forbidden romance between “step-brother” and sister.
3. More sex and an unusual use of vegetables… mainly a cucumber…. And this cucumber is later eaten by the family… excuse me while I go throw up…
4. Dirty Magazines
5. Some more sex
6. Getting caught by the parents…
7. The end.

Overall, this is a fairly enjoyable taboo, forbidden romance. I didn’t expect much going into because I have read plenty of Kitt’s books before and they usually are just about sex so this was fine. But again, the ending sucked. So, if you’re looking for a goof time and just want to read something with a lot of sexcapades than pick this one up! 

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