Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

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Rock Chick by Kristen AshleyRock Chick by Kristen Ashley
Publication Date: March 4, 2011
Series: Rock Chick series #1
Genres: Romance
Pages: 398
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My Rating : five-stars

Indy Savage, cop's daughter, rock chick and used bookstore owner, has been in love with Lee Nightingale, once bad boy, now the man behind Nightingale Investigations, since she was five years old. No matter what ingenious schemes Indy used to capture his attention, Lee never showed an interest and Indy finally gave up. Now Indy's employee, Rosie, has lost a bag of diamonds and bad guys are shooting at him. When Indy gets involved, Lee is forced to help. Complicting matters, Lee has decided he's interested, Indy's decided she's not. But she can't seem to keep Lee out of her life when she's repeatedly stun gunned, kidnapped and there are car bombs exploding (not to mention she's finding dead bodies).

Indy's best bet is to solve the mystery of the diamonds before Lee. Lee's challenge is to keep Indy alive and, at the same time, win back her heart.

“Liar. You've loved me since I held your hand at your mother's memorial service when you were five years old.”

This is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time! OMG I was laughing out loud so many times! Kristen Ashley really hits the nail on the head with this one because she is able to successfully weave drama, suspense, comedy, and romance all into one. WOW. If you haven’t read this one yet, then I strongly suggest you do. It’s definitely a good one, and I plan to read the rest of the books soon. It should be said that each of the books in this series can be read as a standalone but the characters are all interconnected so I recommend reading them in order! 

So what’s so special about this book? Well, for one it is laugh out loud funny! Indie has some of the best sarcasm in wit that I have seen in a book character for a long time! She says some pretty inappropriate things at the wrong time and doesn’t really feel bad for it. She is a total badass. In addition to this, readers can get a really good feel for her character through the authors writing style and are able to connect with her because we are able to see her inner thoughts! I love how her brain goes back and forth with her feelings for Lee. It’s very believable and a whole lot of fun! 

Lee is also a pretty interesting character in this book and I personally found him to be a swoon worthy, heart throb. He knows exactly what he wants and he doesn’t care how he has to go about getting it. Like, handcuffing Indie to the bed? CHECK! He is also a pretty domineering and possessive character but this didn’t stop me from loving him. After all, he is this way because of his job and the fact that he needs to protect Indie who does anything and everything to defy him and get on his nerves. YIKES! So. Much. FUN!

Overall this is a fantastic read, one that I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already. This is my first Kristen Ashley book but it certainly will not be my last and I have already bought more of her books because let’s face it, they are that good! 

“We’re not exactly together and were not, not together. We’re in together-limbo. We’re test-driving together to see if we want to buy it.”

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