Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry

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Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. CherryLoving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry
Publication Date: May 10, 2014
Genres: Romance
Pages: 354
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My Rating : five-stars

To Whom it May Concern,

It was easy to call us forbidden and harder to call us soulmates. Yet I believed we were both. Forbidden soulmates.

When I arrived to Edgewood, Wisconsin I didn’t plan to find him. I didn't plan to stumble into Joe's bar and have Daniel's music stir up my emotions. I had no clue that his voice would make my hurts forget their own sorrow. I had no idea that my happiness would remember its own bliss.

When I started senior year at my new school, I wasn’t prepared to call him Mr. Daniels, but sometimes life happens at the wrong time for all the right reasons.

Our love story wasn’t only about the physical connection.

It was about family. It was about loss. It was about being alive. It was silly. It was painful. It was mourning. It was laughter.

It was ours.

And for those reasons alone, I would never apologize for loving Mr. Daniels.

-Ashlyn Jennings

If I could give this book 6 stars I would!

This is one of the most stunning books I have ever read. It has melted my heart, made me cry, made me laugh, and made me fall in love. Brittainy C. Cherry has a way with stories- she makes them seep into your soul leaving a lasting imprint. She writes the most beautiful and touching stories- stories that you will make you want to share them with everyone you know. And she also writes stories that make you feel like you are living the lives with the characters. I absolutely loved this one and highly recommend it to all readers. It is beautiful, emotional, painful, and real. It’s a book about love, loss, and pain. But most of all it is a book about undying love.

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