Ten by Ker Dukey

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Ten by Ker DukeyTen by Ker Dukey
Publication Date: December 20, 2015
Genres: Romance
Pages: 248
Format: ARC
Source: Author

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My Rating : five-stars

Ten years old I fell in love.
Ten years was the price of that love.
Ten years later our world’s re-collide.

My brother, Jonah, was possessive when it came to the things he owned. This unfortunately included the people in his life. The forbidden love between his best friend and me was just that… forbidden. Our families were from different walks of life, and as a sheriff’s daughter, being with a Moore’s kid would never be tolerated. To my parents, their son and Dalton Moore were on different paths, and their friendship would end as soon as college began, but it was my brother who had a craving for trouble. He was always looking for danger, committing petty crimes and getting away with it because Dalton would take the fall, blackening his already stained name. When Jonah found out we broke the rules by loving each other, his actions impacted us all causing immeasurable suffering. Betrayal comes with a debt, an

Gahh! This is exactly what I needed after reading books that couldn’t hold my interest. Ker Dukey does it once again. Her stories draw us in and make us fall in love with characters that we desperately want to hate. She shows us that even those who are on the darkest paths in life deserve love and redemption. This book is raw, dark, gritty, and intense but this is what I look forward to most. An absolute winner. A must read. I cannot wait to hear Six’s story.

“There is nothing more natural than falling in love with your soulmate. It’s like and out of body experience. You transcend before crashing back into your body, seeing life through new eyes. You don’t just find your soulmate; you reunite with them with intensity so powerful nothing can stop it. A love so potent you feel it in the atmosphere, and you see it in their aura. Dalton Moore was my soulmate and I lived to love him.”

Alex knew she was in love when she first set her eyes on Dalton Moore. There was just something about him that drew him to her. But with her over protective bother Jonah and her families’ disapproval, Alex never though they could have a life together. You see, the Moore’s are “bad” people. They run drugs and do all sorts of illegal things. But not Dalton. He is the star in the family even if he refuses to live the dirty life that his parents do. But when Jonah sets up Dalton in a drug bust, all things go haywire. Dalton is sent to prison where he is nicknamed 10. And while he is in prison he plots to make those who did this to him pay.

Fast forward 10 year into the future (with some amazing flashbacks thrown in) we see Alex going home to clean out her old family home after her father passes. But she gets more than she bargained for when 10 and his cronies begin to taunt and menace her. You see, Dalton is hell bent on getting this woman who he used to love more than anything out of his life for good. And if that means by ways of pain than that’s just how he’ll have to do it.

Alex doesn’t understand where all of this hatred is coming from but finally sticks up for herself after the hell she has been put through. She never knew her family set Dalton up and sent him to prison for something he didn’t do. Finally, she gets this through his head, and the love they once had begins to reignite. But there are other sinister forces coming into play and you’ll have to read to see if the characters are strong enough to fight them.

Ohh boy, I just totally loved this book! It is so well written and intense that I actually read it in less than a day. I simply could not get enough of it. So if you like your reads dark and intense than I highly suggest picking up this book. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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